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“Inspection evidence from school data, lesson observations, analyses of students’ work and discussions with students confirms that the upward trend in achievement is set to continue unabated.” - Ofsted, 2013





Top 8% Nationally

Stockport School is ranked
in the top 8% of
schools nationally.

6th in England

Stockport School is ranked in
the top six in England
against all schools with
students of the same prior

Top Two Schools

Stockport School is
ranked in second place
across the whole of the
Stockport Authority
(1st Maintained School).



No Better Performing School

“There is no better
performing similar school
within 75 miles.”

High Performing School

Stockport School are “now
eligible for membership of
Leading Edge, the national
network exclusively available
to high-performing schools.”

Top State-Funded Schools

“Your school’s results show
that you are amongst the
top state-funded schools in

(DfE) (SSAT)

(Rt Hon Nick Gibb, MP)

The Gap is Closed

Disadvantaged students make
more progress at Stockport 
School than the national
average for Non-
Disadvantaged students.

Every Child Matters

Every pupil group made
more progress at Stockport
School than the national

SEN Performance

SEN Support and EHCP
students’ grades are
significantly higher than the
national average.

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Stockport School celebrates record GCSE results!

In a year of significant educational change with the introduction of new tougher GCSE’s in English and mathematics that has seen a national drop in GCSE pass rates, we are delighted to have bucked the trend by improving upon our record results from last year.

71% of all GCSE grades were awarded at a Grade C (4) or above, with almost 50% of all grades awarded at a Grade B (5) or above. Notably, almost half of all our students (double the national average) achieved the highly academic English Baccalaureate.

There was great success in key subjects such as English where a record 86% of all students achieved the new tougher reformed GCSE pass level, as well as in mathematics where 69% of all students achieved the new tougher pass. In addition, over two thirds of our students also achieved the key combined ‘Basics’ qualifications of English and Mathematics at the new tougher GCSE Grade 4 level.

Individually, students achieved incredibly well, with many individual personal success stories.

As a school we are delighted that we continue achieve beyond national expectations in terms of progress and outcomes. Our results are once again a great recognition of the terrific dedication and commitment to learning that our staff and students apply, and we are particularly delighted with the significant value added success that has been achieved again this year.

We would like to congratulate all of our students, staff and parents upon the 2017 results.

Mr I. R. Irwin


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School Performance

Progress 8 
(explained in 3 minutes
by the DfE)


Three Year Trends Letter from
Rt Hon Nick Gibb, MP
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