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Recent tragedy in Manchester - 25/05/2017

Dear Parents/Carers

Following the tragic and deeply upsetting events of Monday night, our thoughts and best wishes go out to all those affected by this atrocity; not just those who have lost their lives and the families who mourn for them, but also for all those affected in any way at all.

It is at times like these that our children (and we ourselves) need to hear strong messages of hope, love, optimism, reconciliation and peace.  I know that there are a significant number of people, both adults and children, within our school community who are upset and trying to make sense of what is, a senseless act. 

In terms of responding to this very difficult issue, we as a school have been liaising with the Local Authority and other specialist teams including counselling and psychology services in order to best provide for our students, and a number of 1-1 and small supportive sessions have already been put in place for those students that have needed it.

Today in addition to teachers having spoken to and listened to students concerns over the past couple of days, all students in all Year groups will take part in a short reflective session led by their teachers on what happened on Monday with the aim of reassuring and reaffirming the importance of life, communicating the importance of understanding, tolerance and valuing our community. This will then be followed by a minute silence at 11.00am where the entire school community will pause as a moment of respect to those families and individuals who were unfortunately killed or harmed during the incident. Our thoughts and best wishes go out to all. Following on from this, we will continue to offer personalised support to our students, should they need it in the coming days and weeks ahead.

Finally, although it is important that we come together as a community to reflect and support at this time, it is also essential that we carry on with a calm sense of purpose in the wake of this attack. Routines are important and can carry people through very difficult times.

I have attached some links and documents which might be of help to you, should you require them in terms of providing additional support for your child at home. If your child requires any personalised support in school, please contact us and we will put it in place for them.



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