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Extreme Hot Weather - 05/07/2018

Extreme Hot Weather 

Dear Parents

Whilst enjoying the extended hot sunny weather, it does become a little uncomfortable for students and staff. Given these current conditions, please could we remind all students of the importance of them bringing into school plenty of drinks and fluids (with the exception of sports energy drinks). Students are permitted to rehydrate during lessons, however, they should ensure that they have water or drinks in their possession prior to school/lessons and are not therefore asking to leave lessons to fill up on water. If this is necessary, then it should be done before school, at break time or during the lunch break.

For the past two weeks, staff have been instructed not to insist on students wearing their blazers in class, and this will remain the case through until the end of the exceptionally hot weather. However, it is essential that all students come to school equipped and prepared for lessons with pens, pencils, planners and other necessary equipment including PE kit etc. It is also essential that students continue to wear full school uniform including shoes. Girls are reminded that if worn, skirts must be of a reasonable length and should not be too short. If any skirts are deemed to be too short and inappropriate for school then parents will be contacted and students may be isolated until they appear in appropriate school uniform.

Thank you for your support.