“The school has put in place a range of successful strategies to raise students’ skills in literacy and numeracy. Their effectiveness was seen by inspectors during lesson observations and is demonstrated by the sharp upturn in achievement in English and mathematics.” - Ofsted

Induction Programme

Our Student Induction Strategy

Once you have been awarded a place at Stockport School, you will be invited to Induction Day during the Summer Term of Year 6. We aim to make the day enjoyable and informative. As a new student, you will spend a full day with us. You will meet new people: some will be teachers and other people who work here and some will be from other Primary schools. Together, you will have exciting lessons in several subjects, some of which will be new to you.


Parents and Carers are invited to the Induction Evening. We hope that this will be the first of many opportunities to meet you. On Induction Evening, you will meet with key staff who will look after the well-being and successful progress of your child. Tutors, the Director of Transition and Community Engagement, the Headteacher and Deputies all look forward to Induction Evening, which marks the beginning of a new partnership between the school and each new family. There will be the chance to buy or order school uniform and other equipment on the evening. If, for some reason, you are unable to attend, we are happy to arrange for an individual meeting.

Once we know the names of our new Year 7 students, the Pastoral Staff from Stockport School and also, in some cases, the Special Needs Coordinator, will begin to visit each Primary School to meet with their Class Teachers and with the children themselves. This visit is very important in the induction process. We want to find out how we can help each new student to settle in to the right class and to get the best out of all that we have to offer. We will be asking for details of friendships and of achievements from the Year 6 Teachers.

Year 7 students are divided into forms. We use information from Primary Schools, about friendship groups and from the Key Stage 2 outcomes, to ensure a good mix of ability. In some subjects, students are grouped according to ability. There is flexibility in the composition of these teaching groups and it is kept under review. All students are regularly assessed and parents receive progress information each term.

Stockport School staff and students, from the very beginning, work hard and play hard. Everyone attending Stockport School is expected to be truthful and honest, to show respect for themselves, each and every individual and accept full responsibility for their actions.

New student Induction Information

Transition Information for September

We understand that transition is a particularly daunting time for all children and in particular for children with SEND. We hope that this information helps answer some of the worries you may have. Stockport School staff can’t wait to meet you all!

As part of our induction into life at Stockport School we have a bespoke 2 day Induction programme. One of our outstanding Year 7s created this PowerPoint to help potential new starters transition successfully into Stockport School. If you have any questions about the transition, please feel free to contact me 

Mr M Williamson

Director of Community Engagement & Transition

Year 7 'Academic Expectations'

Year 7 'About You'

Year 7 'English & Literacy'

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