“The curriculum meets students’ needs well. It provides students with a good range of opportunities to develop and use their skills in literacy and numeracy across a wide range of subjects.” - Ofsted

Year Groups

At Stockport School we separate the Year groups into three separate phases or Key Stages. Each of the phases/Key Stages are led by a Director of Progress who is responsible for the progress, development, support and intervention of all the students in that particular cohort. The Director of Progress line manages a Pastoral team, which includes one or more Pastoral Managers, who act as non-teaching Year Heads, responsible for the educational, social, emotional and behavioural needs of students. The Director of Progress also line manages a team of Form Tutors.

Each Year group has a Pastoral Manager, who is non-teaching and there to support the educational, social, emotional and behavioural needs of a student.  The team aims to work with the Tutor, Teacher, Parent/Guardian and extended family of a student to ensure that they are happy and achieving in school.

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Curriculum Structure

Knowledge Rich Curriculum

Curriculum Policy

Knowledge Rich Learning Journey

Our International Curriculum Work

At Stockport School, we place international work at the heart of our curriculum in recognition of the fact that our pupils are growing up in a globalised society in which intercultural understanding will be vital for their future success. Through a variety of curricular and extra-curricular activities, we encourage pupils to learn about and engage with other cultures both within the UK and internationally in order to help them develop into open-minded global citizens.

The intent, implementation and impact of our international work are outlined in our International Schools Policy.

For more information on the international activities going on in school, please explore the pages below:

“School data, confirmed by inspection evidence, shows that nearly all pupils make very rapid progress in their literacy and numeracy skills” - Ofsted