eTwinning School

eTwinning is an online community for schools in Europe and some neighbouring countries, which allows schools to collaborate with other schools in different countries on projects that aim to enrich the learning and motivation of pupils by allowing them to work with their peers in different countries.

In March 2020 we were one of just 23 schools in the UK to be awarded the prestigious eTwinning School label, recognising us as a leader in the fields of e-safety and international collaboration. During the 2019-2020 academic year alone, pupils from Stockport School have worked on collaborative projects with 36 different schools around the world.

The eTwinning projects we took part in during 2020/2021 included:

  • Bilingual Christmas Cards: Miss Charon’s Year 8 French class exchanged Christmas cards in multiple languages with schools in 15 different countries across Europe.
  • Traditions of Christmas and Easter: Mr Kelly’s Year 8 Spanish class teamed up with schools in Spain, Portugal, Poland, Slovakia and Croatia to compare Christmas and Easter traditions in different countries.
  • Local New Bulletin: Mr Kelly and Mrs Robinson’s Year 8 Basic Skills groups took part in a project with schools in Spain, Portugal, Turkey, Lithuania, Italy, Poland and Romania to share local news stories from Stockport in the format of TV news show, and to find out about what was going on in the local news in other countries as well.

Some of the past projects we have taken part in have included:

  • Nice to meet you / Encantado de conocerte: A pen pal project with a Spanish school in which pupils exchanged letters and drawings about their life, hobbies, town and school.
  • Let’s Exchange: Working with a partner school in France, pupils created and shared cartoon strips detailing what they normally do on each day of the week, then compared their weekly routine to those of pupils in France.
  • My New School: Sharing Our Transition Experiences: A Year 7 project in which pupils communicated with other pupils starting secondary school in 10 different European countries to share and compare their experiences, worries and positive thoughts.
  • Learning About Life in Spain and England: Mr Kelly and Mrs Taylor’s Year 7, 8 and 9 Spanish classes teamed up with a school in Spain to learn about different traditions and compare how they are celebrated in Spain and the UK.
  • Let’s Create Our Own Map of Europe: We sent postcards to schools in 27 different European countries and received them back, learning about the language and geography of the different countries. This project won a National Quality Label recognising it at UK level as a project of exceptionally high quality with exceptional outcomes. National quality label
  • eTwinning Song Contest: Mr Kelly’s Year 8 Spanish class took part in a song competition with classes in 7 different European countries. We chose a British song and listened to songs from the other competing countries, giving our opinion on each song in different languages. Then we voted for our favourite and made a music video that contained pupils from across Europe singing the winning song (Too Good at Goodbyes by Sam Smith). This project won a European Quality Label recognising it at a European level as a project of exceptionally high quality with exceptional outcomes. European quality label