The School Day

Stockport School is compliant with DFE expectations on the overall length of the school week and provides a minimum of 32.5 hours of core education during the week to all students.

In addition, Stockport School also provides an extensive extra-curricular enrichment programme which all teaching staff contribute to and to which is available to all students to attend.

The school also provides a welcoming before-school supervised provision including breakfast and study clubs which are again open to all students.

Our Code Of Conduct

This was developed and agreed by students, staff and governors.

Around Stockport School and the wider community we agree to:

✓  Treat everyone as we would like to be treated;

✓ Respect people of all races and their beliefs;

✓ Be caring, courteous and considerate;

✓ Respect school property at all times;

✓ Respect other people’s possessions;

✓ Always do our best to be punctual;

✓ Always be sensible around the school;

✓ Always be polite and helpful;

✓ Be honest.

High Standards & Expectations

We expect Students to be: 

1. Punctual: 

  • Arrive on time, entering the classroom in an orderly manner; 
  • When a teacher indicates the end of a lesson, pack their bags and move to the next lesson quietly and quickly; 

2. Organised: 

  • Bring the correct equipment, books and completed homework; 
  • Record the homework in their student planner/diary; 

3. To have good manners: 

  • Listen when others are speaking; 
  • Speak only when their contribution is relevant to the lesson; 
  • Raise their hands to answer or to ask a question; 
  • Work co-operatively with others; 

4. Concentrate: 

  • Participate fully in the lesson; 
  • Listen carefully to instructions; 
  • Stay focused on the task; 
  • Allow other students to concentrate on the lesson; 

5. To act safely: 

  • Ensure that their behaviour in class does not endanger anyone; 
  • Leave the classroom in a clean and orderly state.

Uniform, Appearance & Equipment

Stockport School has a long tradition and an excellent reputation. This is mirrored by the school uniform, which we expect to be worn properly both in and around school and on the way to and from school.

We believe that uniform helps to make everyone equal.

The basic current uniform consists of:

  • All students: Single breasted black blazer with the current school badge on the breast pocket, preferably pre-embroidered
  • Boys: Plain white, traditional shirt with a collar (not polo type)
  • Girls: Plain white fitted blouse with a collaror a plain white traditional shirt with a collar
  • All students: School tie (current) – clip-on
  • Boys: Black trousers – traditional style (not stretch, jeans, cord, leggings or ski-pants)
  • Girls: Either black trousers – traditional style (not stretch, jeans, cord, leggings or ski-pants) or a pleated black skirt (reasonable length, not lycra or straight)
  • All students: Flat, all black polishable leather shoes with black soles (no other colour/no coloured areas or logos) – No training shoes whatsoever, no canvas or neoprene material shoes, no backless shoes and no boots or shoes above the ankle (see the school website for an illustration of suitable shoes)
  • All students: Black v-neck pullover, with the school crest (optional for cold weather under the blazer) no cardigans or non-school style jumpers
  • Boys: Plain black or dark grey socks
  • Girls: Plain white/black socks or black/neutral tights. No leggings
  • All students: Outdoor coats, if worn must be weather-proof in a plain, dark colour. Hooded tops are not allowed at any time.

We recommend that all items of clothing and equipment are labelled

General equipment

We expect all students to bring the correct basic equipment to school each day:

  • Exercise books & Textbooks
  • Student Planner
  • Pens, pencils & eraser
  • 15 or 30cm ruler

Very useful extras:

  • Coloured Pencils
  • Coloured Pens
  • English Dictionary
  • French, German or Spanish Dictionary
  • Calculator
  • Angle Measure
  • Compasses

Mobile Phones

Emergency contact with students should be made in the normal way through the school office. Exceptionally, students needing to contact home may make a request to a teacher or to the office to use the school land line. If a student’s mobile phone is brought in to school, it is at the student’s own risk. It should be switched off and out of sight whilst on the school premises and if used or seen, during the school day, it will be confiscated and parents/carers will be contacted in order for them to collect it from the school office during school hours. Personal music equipment is also not allowed in school, and should therefore be kept switched off and out of sight throughout the school day.