House Points

The House System

It is a long established tradition for staff, governors and students entering the school to become a member of one of our five Houses. Each House has a Head of House and House Captain who have responsibility to leading a House. Students quickly form loyalties to their House and achieve a true sense of belonging.

The House system acts as a link between the different age groups in the school, providing them with opportunities for working and playing together. Typical of this is the appointment of Year 10 students as House Captains to encourage and support House activities, as well as the House subject and sport competitions, where the Year 10 students are responsible for all organisation and direction.

We believe that Stockport School offers a chance for everyone to enjoy success. Being part of a winning team, whether you are a supporter or a participant is a great feeling! That is what the House system can do for you! Along with team success there are lots of opportunities to achieve individual success; working hard, attending, being on time, playing and performing and taking risks!


House Championship

The House Championship gives students a balance between academic rigours and social aspects of school life. The system provides a sense of competition and fun through a range of school based activities. The House System runs from September to July, with points being awarded for each event.

The Stockport House Championship is awarded to the House with the overall highest number of House points. The House Championship is awarded in the final assembly of the school year and the trophy is presented to the winning Head of House and House Captain. House points are calculated at the end of each term (six times a year) and the running totals are displayed around the school on TV’s, display screens and notice boards.

Staff and students alike are encouraged to run appropriate competitions for the whole school or a particular Year group. The aim of a particular event could be to raise the profile of a particular subject or activity, the only requirement being that it should be educational and fun for competitors and spectators alike.

There are four ‘House Cups’. These are events that involve a large number of participants and often take place over a longer period of time. These big activities are awarded a high tariff of House points. Activities on the House Championship calendar that take place each week in tutorials or that involve a smaller number of students, are awarded a lower number of House points.

Achievements in the House system are recognised by students being awarded Commendation certificates (Gold, Silver, Bronze) at the end of each term. Citizenship stars are also rewarded termly to students within the House by their tutors.



Pupils are often commended by teachers for excellent academic work, improvement or progress in work, or an outstanding contribution to the school or local community.  The commendation is given via the school network. Headteacher and House awards are presented to a number of pupils throughout the school year.