Term Dates

2023-24 Academic Year (Current Term Dates)

The Importance of Attendance during Term Time

Stockport School requests that parents and carers avoid asking

for days off school for their child as refusal often offends!

At Stockport School we are committed to promoting the welfare of our students through regular school attendance. We know that every day lost to education can have a serious impact on students’ attainments and overall progress in school. The link between good attendance and high levels of achievement is undeniable. Poor attendance and lateness may also be detrimental to the social adjustment and development of students. We are therefore fully committed to promoting school attendance by providing an environment and ethos where all students feel safe and can build positive relationships with their peers. We expect that in return parents/carers ensure that students attend school and are punctual. Underpinning this policy is the belief that promoting good attendance is the responsibility of staff, parents and carers and this must be evident in our interactions with students. We expect students to attend school every day and arrive on time.

Medical and Dental appointments

Parents and carers are requested wherever possible to try to arrange medical and dental appointments for outside of school hours using the new NHS out-of-hours evening and weekend GP appointment service and therefore, keep medical appointments in school time to an absolute minimum. If on the rare occasion a medical appointment during school time is unavoidable, then we would ask that your child attends school beforehand and/or returns to school immediately that same day following their appointment. The appointment card should be submitted to school as evidence. If a student is absent from school first thing in the morning or immediately after lunch then they cannot receive an attendance present mark for that session.


Leave of absence

Leave of absence may only be given in exceptional circumstances such as family bereavement, or for other legitimate reasons such as an interview at another school or college. The absence should be restricted to the minimum time required and parents are asked to request permission in advance by writing to the Headteacher 


Family Holidays

Parents should be aware that there is no right to time off for a family holiday.  Leave of absence for any reason is only granted in exceptional circumstances and is very unlikely to be granted for the purpose of a holiday.