Young Carers

Stockport School is committed to enabling young carers to access education and support. This policy aims to ensure young carers at this school are identified and offered appropriate support to access the education and other services to which they are entitled.

Young carers are children and young people who provide care to another family member. The level of care they provide would usually be undertaken by an adult and as a result of this they take on a level of responsibility that is inappropriate to their age and development. This is likely to have a significant impact on their childhood experiences.

Stockport School is proud to have been awarded the Young Carers – Gold Award for its outstanding commitment to our student young carers.


Signpost Young Carers

We are Stockport’s Young Carers Service and for several years, we have worked in close partnership with Stockport School to ensure all the school’s young carers are identified and supported. Stockport School were amongst the first in the country to achieve the National Young Carers in Schools Gold Award and they remain one of the flagship schools for young carers in our town, often cited as an example of excellence in the way Mr Williamson and the team know, value and support their young carers.

When young carers are referred to Signpost Young Carers, we carry out an assessment with their parent/guardian and the young person themselves. Some young carers cope well with their extra responsibilities and in-house support is enough to see them comfortably through their school years. Other young carers do need additional help, and for these young people Signpost’s service can provide free family support, counselling, 121 emotional support, and respite groups which are great for young carers to meet and support each other.

At Signpost, we are passionate about recognising, celebrating, and supporting young carers and we appreciate that Stockport School feel the same way.


For further information please contact John Warren, Matt Williamson or Katy Frankland, Young Carers on
Tel: 0161 947 4690 or