Learning Resource Centre

The Learning Resource Centre (LRC) aims to be:

  •  A calm, creative and inspiring learning space
  •  A place to work quietly
  •  A place to read for pleasure
  •  A space to prepare for the day


Our newly refurbished LRC has three distinct learning spaces:

The Library

This houses our ever-growing fiction and non-fiction book collections with titles suitable for readers of all levels – from the most reluctant to the most avid.  There is space for quiet reading and for small groups to work together along with our comfy beanbags.

The non-fiction section is currently being updated to ensure that the resources it contains are relevant to the needs of the current curriculum.  This means the quality of the information is the best available and students are well-equipped to complete homework and class research projects.

The Library supports the Accelerated Reader programme so the vast majority of the fiction collection and a growing number of non-fiction resources can be quizzed on AR.

Our new Librarian/LRC Manager has been qualified for over 20 years and has nearly 30 years of library experience in a variety of sectors.  She brings with her a plethora of reading and literacy skills to her new position.  Working with her are a team of trained pupil librarians, who are on hand to help students with enquiries.

LRC1 2022

The Computer Zone

There are 28 computers for students to check emails, complete homework and undertake research.  There is also the Teachers Collection of titles to help with teacher development as well as the Millennium Collection of classic literature.

LRC2 2022


This room is set up in a typical classroom style where students can work quietly in bigger groups.  The Young Adult fiction collection is also in this area specifically for students in Years 10 & 11, as well as our College and Careers resources.

LRC3 2022

Opening Hours:

The LRC is open from 8.15 every morning for students to finish homework and prepare for their day. 
Monday to Wednesday the LRC closes at 3.50pm. 
On Thursdays to accommodate Period 6, the LRC closes at 4.50pm and on Fridays the doors close at 3.35pm.

Enrichment and Activities:

Homework club runs twice daily: 8.15-8.40 and during the after-school sessions.  Wednesday lunchtime access is for Year 9, 10 & 11 only, in order for them to prepare for their exams in a calm, quiet environment, when they will have access to specific resources to help them revise as well as look after their mental and physical well-being during this most stressful time.

The LRC will also host many activities throughout the school year.  The recent Christmas Elf on the Shelf promotion was a huge success.  February sees Love Your Library month as well as International Harry Potter Night, which will be celebrated with a Grand Harry Potter House Quiz involving both students and staff.  Information on these activities will be posted on Firefly, via our social media platforms and directly to students in assemblies and in form time.

Loans and Reservations:

Students can loan up to two books at any one time for a period of 4 weeks.  This allows for at least 1 AR book to be loaned.  These books can be renewed twice.  Items can be reserved via the LRC link on Firefly.  Students can log into the Reading Cloud to search the catalogue and reserve items, which can then be collected from the LRC.  All Year 7 and 8 students have at least 1 literacy lesson in the Library per fortnight, which allows them to be able to browse the shelves to select books for themselves, though the Librarian is always available for expert guidance and recommendations.