Student Voice

Student Council

The School Council at Stockport School is an extremely important part of school life.  It provides opportunities for students to develop their leadership and communication skills and for students across the Key Stages to work together and support one another.

Meetings are held weekly at lunchtime in the LRC and all Forms across KS3 and KS4 are encouraged to send representatives. Each year students decide upon their priorities and then form small groups to lead on particular issues such as: supporting charities; promoting Fairtrade; considering student welfare or environmental issues. They are guided in their activities by one of the Assistant Headteachers but students are encouraged to be proactive and work together as a team.

Members of the School Council understand that they represent the student voice and over the years they have been consulted by school leaders, members of the community and a range of visitors about local, national and global issues as well as school related topics. 

Many School Council representatives go on to take leadership roles across the curriculum and they are often selected as ambassadors and prefects because of the skills they develop. Stockport School students are usually represented in local Youth Councils and many ex-students often return to promote further opportunities in the community.


At Stockport School we have a proud tradition of a successful Prefect system where students can take on a variety of different leadership roles including Head Boy and Girl, Deputy Head Boy and Girl, Senior Prefects and Prefects. The Prefect System at Stockport School is highly respected and prefects are proud to wear their special badges and ties. Our prefects are positive role models who help to promote the ethos of the school by supporting both staff and students.

Students are eligible to apply at the end of Year 10 if they meet the criteria relating to attendance, punctuality and behaviour records and if they feel they have the qualities needed to be successful in the role.

Students complete a written application outlining their qualities and their leadership skills and experience and staff are asked to nominate suitable students. A formal interview process is held for those students shortlisted for the Head Prefect roles. Senior prefects are decided on the strength of the students’ applications.

All prefects receive training and are supported in their completion of a weekly lunchtime duty. Senior Prefects play an important role in organising the duty teams and are responsible for promoting good behaviour across school. Our Prefect Team also play an important role in supporting after school events including Parents’ Evenings and Induction Evening. They assist during school productions, charity events and support staff where applicable at evening functions. Prefects also support younger students via a buddy system and peer mentoring initiative.

The Prefect System at Stockport School reflects our whole school commitment to providing opportunities which promote strong communication and team work skills. Our prefects are often the first faces greeting parents at key events.

Head Boy – Sam H

Head Girl – Gwen F

Deputy Head Boy – Max B

Deputy Head Girl – Mathilda W-O’N

Senior Prefects

Connie G
Eleanor S
Erin-Lily T
Hannah H
Henry T
Jai X
Katie Wilson
Leah Pardon
Lewis Tusan
Mathew Murray
Phoebe Allington