Community & Facilities Hire

For details of the lettings, availability and rates, please contact the school on 0161 483 3622 or 
karen Oaks, Business Manager – Email

Stockport School campus is located on Mile End Lane, just off the A6, Buxton Road.

It is an inviting and attractive site clearly visible from the A6, with good parking facilities and at a conveniently close proximity to the local railway station and a number of bus stops.

The school was built in the 1930’s, with buildings constructed in a honey hue brick colour and tile slate roofs.  The single and two-story buildings have a courtyard plan with symmetrical elevations, all designed in a Neo-Georgian style. 

On both the ground and first floors, single corridors give easy access to all parts of the building, sensibly and pleasingly enriched with green tiled dados. 

The overall appeal of the grounds and buildings are what make the school an attractive location for film hire.

The school facilities are fully accessible from the front and rear car parks. The site is fully accessible to wheelchair users and provides an unchallenging access for all. 

Toilets can also be found within close range of all facilities and in addition to that, all buildings are monitored by CCTV. 

The Dance Studio is a great open space not only defined by its use for dance, but other performing arts also, such as drama.  This space has a floor span of 8.5×12.5m, sprung floors and full length mirrors along one wall.  There is also a projector, music system and air conditioning within this space. 

The Drama Studio has a fully sprung floor 9.5×17.5m, equipped wholly with LED theatrical lighting, installed by 4D creative, large scale projection facilities, and a surround sound system all controlled from a simple touch screen where you can instantly change images, videos, lighting and sound effects. 

The space is to such a substantially superb standard that pupils and audiences imaginations can be transported anywhere in the midst of theatre and the arts. 

The Octagon (a.k.a. the music block) is a two-story block, with a top floor open space for up to 40 people, has two electric pianos and two practise rooms.  The ground floor is a smaller rehearsal room for up to 20 people, with one electric piano and two practise rooms. 

The Dining Hall has wooden flooring 12m x 18m – excluding the servery area.  There are round tables, a projector and a screen available here. 

The Sports Hall has non-marking, court and pitch marked flooring, [sizing], and is also fully equipped with a wide-ranging number of sports equipment. It is also equipped with Audio and Visual options.

The Gym has sprung flooring 12m x 21m, high ceilings, and is also fully equipped with a wide-ranging number of sports equipment. It is also equipped with Audio and Visual options.

The Main Hall has a proscenium arch over the stage that was inspired by the cinema architecture of the 1930’s, with reflective surfaces from right to left, making it possible for fantastic lighting effects.  The auditorium was constructed with a rich walnut dado and pleasing Georgian windows.  Within the hall you can find tiered seating and a balcony that accommodates up to 400 people.  There is also a grand piano, a pipe organ, a fully curtained stage, and moreover, a screen, projector, and theatrical lighting just like in the Drama Studio.  The wooden sprung flooring is 12.5m x 23.4m

The school classrooms are also available for use after school hours, at weekends and during the school holidays and summer break.