“Attendance levels are above the national average.”

Students who are not here are not learning!

At Stockport School we are committed to promoting the welfare of our students through regular school attendance. We know that every day lost to education can have a serious impact on students’ attainments and overall progress in school. The link between good attendance and high levels of achievement is undeniable. Poor attendance and lateness may also be detrimental to the social adjustment and development of students.

We are therefore fully committed to promoting school attendance by providing an environment and ethos where all students feel safe and can build positive relationships with their peers. We expect that in return parents/carers ensure that students attend school and are punctual. Underpinning this policy is the belief that promoting good attendance is the responsibility of staff, parents and carers and this must be evident in our interactions with students. We expect students to attend school every day and arrive on time.

Attendance and the Impact of Absence – Our School Aims

Attendance is a key factor in success at Stockport School. The School and the Government place great emphasis on full attendance. 

Our attendance target for all students is 100% (190 days attended from 190) and we have a core expectation that all students achieve well over 97% attendance, missing no more than 6 school days throughout the year.

It goes almost without saying that regular attendance is essential to progress and success and for that reason I would hope that you will support us in helping your child to achieve well over 97% attendance each year.

Every day matters and each day missed hinders progress, see below:

  • 95% Attendance = 2 weeks off (52 lessons missed) per year, and 2 ½ months (260 lessons missed) – Almost a school term over a five-year period!
  • 90% Attendance = 4 weeks off (104 lessons missed) per year, and 5 months (520 lessons missed) – Almost half a year over a five-year period!

In order for students to achieve well over 97% attendance and therefore succeed in school, Stockport School asks that parents and carers support us by sending your child into school on time for 8.40am every day where possible, as lateness to school is also disruptive to learning and hinders progress.

Our Attendance and Punctuality Policy seeks to outline the importance of good consistent attendance and punctuality upon educational success, it sets out our highest expectations for all students, and provides guidance as to how attendance can be maximised in school.