The Importance of Homework

Homework is of great importance to our students. Academically, it boosts their learning time and leads to better attainment. This allows our students to get the best possible grades for their college, training and employment prospects when they leave school. It also improves their ability to work independently and explore areas of learning not covered in lessons. Homework is key to our teaching and learning.

Homework Mission Statement:

Homework will be given to students regularly and purposefully, to support and consolidate their in-class learning and to develop their wider subject knowledge and independent learning skills.

Homework will assist in students practising and learning skills and knowledge. Deeper subject knowledge leads to students developing deeper understanding and leads to questions or opinions on what they are learning.

Homework will also be used to check what students know and understand, in order to assist teachers in their planning and target-setting.

A significant proportion of  homework time in many subjects may be spent  revising, rehearsing and preparing for assessments, tests and exams. In addition, many subjects will require students to use research skills (a valuable life-long skill) on specific topics in preparation for lessons or assessments.

Homework is also intended to interest and enthuse students by challenging them and providing opportunities for creative and independent thinking. Our homework policy is intended to create a work ethic and sense of personal responsibility that will prepare students for their future in education, training or employment.

Please see our Homework Policy for further detail on how we promote homework and reward/ support students in its completion.

The responses to the Student homework survey can be found here.

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