Parental Responsibilities regarding Attendance & Punctuality

We ask that all parents and carers support their child to achieve good, consistent attendance and punctuality, which is vital to academic progress and the achievement of successful outcomes.

In particular, parents and carers are asked to:

Ensure their child attends regularly as required by law.

Ensure school has up to date contact information including:

  • Parents’ and pupils’ addresses
  • Parents’ telephone numbers and email addresses
  • Telephone numbers for emergency contacts
  • Details of new addresses and schools in the event of a move away from the area


Comply with the school’s absence procedures by:

  • Notify the school when their child is unable to attend, with a reason, on the first day of the absence with a call to: 0161 483 3622 (Extension: 250)
  • Telephoning school on every day that their child is unable to attend school due to illness (except where a doctor’s report has already been provided indicating an expected return date).
  • Requesting leave of absence only in exceptional circumstances and in advance by writing to the Headteacher for permission. 
  • Providing medical or other evidence in relation to absence if required by the school.
  • Inform the school immediately if your child has a contagious illness or infection.
  • Arranging medical or dental appointments to take place outside school hours wherever possible.
  • Not arranging and/or seeking to take family holidays in term time.
  • Not taking leave of absence for any reason without prior agreement.
  • Raise any issues or concerns which my impact on attendance with school staff at the earliest opportunity.
  • Attend meetings with school staff to discuss concerns if requested by the school.
  • Work in partnership with school and other agencies to address any attendance problems.
  • Encourage good routines at home to ensure children have good sleep patterns and are prepared for school each day.
  • Ensure that their child arrives at school on time each day.
  • Take an active interest in their child’s educational progress and instil the value of education and good attendance.